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Developed by Dr. Mariela Glandt, a Harvard and Columbia-educated endocrinologist and world-renowned diabetes specialist. Enroll in Owna today to achieve lasting health improvements and live life to the fullest.

Dr. Mariela Glandt


Persistent hunger can hinder lifestyle changes, so we focus on smarter food choices instead of limiting intake. Our experts create satisfying, nutrient-rich meal plans tailored to your preferences, allowing you to enjoy your food without deprivation. 

Weight Loss without Hunger

Achieving long-term success demands a holistic health management approach. Our ongoing support includes personalized dietary guidance, exercise, stress management, and behavior modification to suit your unique situation.

Comprehensive Support

The full Owna program, including ongoing supervision by a specialized physician and a coach, costs just $249/month. 

Currently, we do not accept insurance.

Cost Effective


"I started the process with a result of 9.7 A1c. Today my result is 4.4 and I have lost 44 lbs. in 8 months... I wholeheartedly recommend. "


After countless diets, I have finally seen the light. I discovered the Glandt Center and Dr. Mariela, who introduced me to the keto diet, which actually made me feel satiated. 


Proven Results

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Our expert-designed approach, results in significant improvement in blood sugar and weight loss. A proven solution for managing diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity.

Owna simplifies chronic condition management with convenient options like remote monitoring and online resources, ensuring easy access to our program and support for prioritizing your health.

Our team of dietitians, diabetes educators, exercise experts, and behavioral specialists work alongside your physician to empower you with the knowledge, support, and motivation for success.


Expert Guidance

Regain control of your life with Owna, a physician-designed program providing personalized coaching via a proven process that helps you reverse diabetes and lose weight without hunger, and often, without medicine. 

"No More Needles!"

Get off Insulin and lose weight

for good.